Our Story, Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind ElmTree is my youngest child Lennox, who’s name means "with many elms". The significance of the elm tree, I feel represents the Special Needs community remarkably well. An elm is resilient with a solid foundation and strong roots. It signifies strength and devotion and offers protection…qualities that unite the community as a whole. At ElmTree we EMBRACE our differences, INSPIRE others to become all they are born to be and EMPOWER ourselves and each other as individuals. 

I believe we all have a purpose in this life. As humans we have a desire to know that because we were here, the world is a better place, that we matter and make an impact. Since Lennox was born over 3.5 years ago, I have a greater appreciation for differences and all that encompasses. Lennox has Down syndrome and before he was even born, society had already placed a value on his life. We had a prenatal diagnosis and the information given to us by medical professionals was vague and not reassuring and it was assumed that we would terminate the pregnancy. We knew a lot about raising children but knew nothing about raising a child with special needs. I felt I had to seek out the available resources...leaving me feeling unsupported and very alone. Feelings that no parent or parent to be should ever have to feel.

Fast forward to October 30, 2013 when Lennox was born. He was perfect and we were elated.  He was our baby first and foremost...we decided then that neither his diagnosis  or society would dictate his future. Were there challenges? Yes. Are there still? Yes. Did we have challenges of various sorts with our other 4 typical children? Definitely. Would I change anything about Lennox for the world? Absolutley not...but I will change the world for him. That is my purpose in life.

Christie Lang