The ElmTree Ability Centre


The ElmTree Ability Centre for Special Needs ("ElmTree") is a family resource centre serving the Special Needs community in the Calgary area. A unique, multi sensory environment that offers ongoing support to individuals of all abilities and their families. A safe, “on their own terms” place for members to come to connect with other parents, get more information on available resources for their child(ren) and form a meaningful support system. It is a fun and engaging space for our learners to attend extracurricular activities that enhance learning and encourage peer to peer interaction to assist in social development and build lasting friendships.

Our mission is to provide a solid foundation for individuals with diverse needs and their families, where we focus on our children's abilities to help them become everything they were born to be, while promoting global acceptance for all. Our goal is to ensure a warm and welcoming gathering place for members and their families to come together, learn together(and from each other) and grow together through fun and engaging programs geared specifically to embrace, inspire and empower our learners.