Best Beginnings (0-2)
A parented program that supports the development of gross and fine motor skills, social interaction and language through purposeful play in a causal and fun setting. A program that allows families to come together to share experiences and form relationships


Bright Starts (1-3)
A parented program that focuses on continued development of gross and fine motor skills through purposeful play, music, yoga and sensory stimulation in a fun and engaging environment. Continued communication with speech and language through story telling and signing time. 


Early Learners (2-5)
A structured parented program designed to enhance gross and fine motor skills with various movement activities. Continue to develop communication skills with signing and speech modelling. Introduction to early literacy, numbers and counting through fun activities and purposeful play.


Little Explorers (5-8)
A fun and casual program that enhances continuous development of small and large muscle groups and motor skills through active games. Explore senses and practice fine motor skills with various activities that enable self help. Continue to develop speech and language. numbers and counting.


Discovery Kids (8-12)
Engaging and fun program to foster peer relationships and social interaction, through games and activities that encourage the discovery of new interests. Continue to develop speech and language and foster independence with activities of daily living (self care, snack preparation)


Teen Builders (13-18)
Building social skills with friends through team based activities and games that help to foster a deeper understanding of compromise, turn taking and problem solving. Continue to develop activities of daily living that focus on acquiring important life skills that will assist in making good choices and learning consequences of actions.


World Changers (18+) 
Career development program that focuses on goal development and reaching the member’s highest potential. Explore the world around them through planned outings and activities based on personal passions and interests that also encourage establishing peer relationships and social interaction. Continue to develop life skills that enhance independence through work experience with support.

1:1 Math Tutoring
Supplemental academic support in a positive environment that enhances the understanding of basic skills that are required for “everyday” math 


1:1 Literacy Tutoring
Supplemental academic support that helps to foster individual learning with sight word recognition and reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and articulation,  


Speech, Signing, Communication
We understand that effective communication is paramount. To avoid frustration, aggression and to foster greater self confidence, we support all forms of communication based on abilities. From apps, to signing to verbalizing we maximize individual potential and always strive for the highest form of dialogue. Each member has access to resources that assist with speech clarity and comprehension, problem solving, and school readiness. Our goal is to foster independence and overall quality of life through maximizing receptive and expressive language skills.

Programs may include but are not limited to:

  • Gemiini is a web based program that utilizes Discreet Video Modelling to increase language, reading and social skills. It breaks down information into understandable and digestible bites, making it an ideal solution for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Stroke and others.
  • Signing Time/ASL: Evidence is mounting that children with special needs, such as apraxia of speech, autism or Down syndrome who have difficulty with speech can make great strides in their communication development when signing is part of their regimen. The multi sensory approach of Signing Time engages visual learners, kinesthetic learners and auditory learners of all ages and abilities, while making sign language easy and fun.
  • Augmentative communication is an alternative way to help children and adults with language disorders utilize expressive or receptive language through technology devices. 

Other Programs for all ages:

  • Story telling
  • Open Play
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Daddy and Me
  • Mom’s Night Out
  • Dad’s Night Out
  • New Caregivers Group
  • Movement classes